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Native Plant Nurseries is dedicated to producing local native plants from seed in an ethically sustainable fashion.  Only 10% of plants seeds are collected to ensure there is plenty of seed to propagate the species and provide food for wildlife.  No pesticides are used in the production of the plants to minimize the impacts on local fauna.  Native Plant Nurseries follows the North American Native Plant Society's (NANPS) grower guidelines.  These guidelines can be found on the NANPS website here.
We are located in Pefferlaw and Tottenham to serve the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.  Native Plant Nurseries was formed in 2003 to respond to the need of locally collected native plant material.

Leah Wannamaker and Kristen Vincent have over 17 years experience in the field of ecological restoration, urban forestry, landscape design and growing native plants.  Native plants of Ontario are extremely drought tolerant allowing them to flourish in municipalities with increasing watering restrictions.  These beautiful plants provide food for native butterflies, insects and birds and have become the natural choice.
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