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Perfect for schools, organizations, non-profits, eco-groups
  • Fundraising with a product that will benefit the environment.  These native plants play an increasingly important role when it comes to biodiversity, helping to combat invasive species, supporting our local pollinator species and providing food and habitat for butterflies, insects, birds and mammals.
  • Fundraisers have the opportunity to become more educated on the importance of native plants and feel good about the positive difference they are making for the environment and native pollinators.
  • Take pride in knowing that you are helping your community decrease their eco-footprint while providing a local product that the purchaser gets to enjoy year after year.

How Will The School, organization, non-profit, eco-group Benefit?
  • They will be capitalizing on the opportunity to fundraise with a ‘green’ product that is affordable, in demand and has an important educational element.
  • The school/organizer will be setting the example for the students or group that they are capable of achieving their financial goals and helping the environment at the same time.
  • The school or group can include their participation in this eco-friendly fundraiser if/when applying for any future eco-school certification.

How Will The End Purchaser Benefit?
  • The end user of these native wildflower seed packets will be conserving water as all of the species are drought tolerant.
  • They will have hardy and low maintenance plants since all of the species are native to Ontario and are well adapted to our climate and soils.
  • They will have a lovely reminder of supporting your school as they get to enjoy the beautiful plants and the various butterfly sightings, etc., year after year as all of the species in the catalogue are perennials.
"The fundraising program at Native Plant Nurseries was a fantastic experience for staff and students!  As a teacher and staff advisor for my school’s Wilderness Club, I was thrilled that I could provide my students with a fundraising opportunity that matched the mandate of our club; to leave no damage on the health of the planet and ourselves, and to increase our awareness and appreciation for the natural world.  Most fundraising programs provided to schools benefit the students financially but harm society with consumerism, poor nutrition and/or waste production.  This amazing fundraising program benefited us financially and also benefited our community ethically and sustainably.  Through this program we raised funds for an overnight winter camp trip, and learned about native plants along the way.  It was awesome!  The staff at Native Plant Nurseries help to make the program easy and accessible, and they provide support and guidance all the way through seed selection to garden design.  This is THE BEST fundraising program that I have ever used, and it will be THE ONLY program I use for the remainder of my teaching career.  Thank you Leah and staff at Native Plant Nurseries!​"         
                                                                                                        Allison Sebastian, Wellness Teacher, Markham District High School
"Our school eco club and my kindergarten students were eager to organize a fundraising event. The eco club wanted to purchase raised garden beds and the kindergarten wanted to help the Children's Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica because we were actively doing an inquiry all about the problems it was facing. I had no idea about how we were going to go about this, when ironically, I got an email from Native Plant Nurseries telling me all about a great fundraising opportunity! Talk about perfect timing with the perfect product!
It all sounded wonderful and looked so easy!! All we needed to do was sell native plant seeds for $4/package and we would receive $2 for every package we sold!! WOW!! What a great deal!
Leah has an excellent system for the organization of the seeds and it was truly as easy as it looked! Together, we raised $800 for our two school groups in a very short time! The parents loved the fundraising idea and fully supported our endeavours. We were thrilled with the success and highly recommend this program for any organization that is interested in fundraising and helping our environment at the same time! Many thanks to Leah and Native Plant Nurseries!"
                                                                                                    Catherine Jacobson, Uxbridge PS

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